Key Senior Management

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    Executive Vice Chairman
    Age 65, Male

    Dato’ Siew was appointed as Non-Independent Executive Director of the Company on 17 October 2001. He was re-designated as the Non-Independent Non-Executive Deputy Chairman on 20 August 2004 and later as the Executive Vice Chairman of the Company on 25 January 2011.

    Dato’ Siew received his secondary and tertiary education in the United Kingdom, first studying in Marlborough College, then completing his tertiary education at Imperial College, London. He obtained his Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Chemical Engineering and Master of Science (“MSc”) degree in Operational Research at Imperial College, graduating in 1978.

    Dato’ Siew has extensive experience in the field of petrochemicals accumulated over more than 30 years in the local and international sectors.

    Dato’ Siew was a very active member of the Young Presidents’ Organisation (“YPO”) from 1993 until 2006. He was Chairman of the Malaysian Chapter of YPO and was Co-Chairman of the first Regional Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 1998. He became a member of the International Board of YPO in 2000 and served until 2003. During his tenure he was Chairman of YPO’s Global Leadership Congress in Beijing in 2003. He was also a past President of the Imperial College Alumni of Malaysia and a past Governor of the Board of Governors of Malborough College of Malaysia.

    Currently, Dato’ Siew is the Executive Chairman of Ancom Berhad, the holding company of the Company, and Group Managing Director of Nylex (Malaysia) Berhad, both of which are listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

    Dato’ Siew is a substantial shareholder of the Company through his direct and indirect interest in Ancom Berhad and his direct and indirect interest in the Company.

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    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
    Age 59, Male, Malaysian

    Datuk Hasnul was appointed as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Company in October 2019.

    Datuk Hasnul has more than 23 years of experience in several reputable multi-national companies including Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and British American Tobacco where he developed his marketing and management skills. He then joined BERNAMA as its General Manager/ Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) in 2009. He was subsequently appointed as CEO of Malay Mail in 2013 until 2014. He then joined Ancom Berhad as Executive Director (Business Development) in 2014 until 2019.

    Datuk Hasnul obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in May 1984 from Southeast Missouri State University, USA and a Master of Business Administration (“MBA”) degree from Governors State University, USA, in December 1985.

    He has no directorship in any public company or listed issuer.

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    Chief Financial Officer
    Age 49, Male, Malaysian

    Chang Meng began his career with Coopers & Lybrand (now a merged firm with PwC) in 1992 as an audit assistant and stayed until 2000 with his last position as an Audit Manager. He subsequently joined Setegap Berhad, a construction company and later, HLG Securities Sdn. Bhd., a stockbroking company, as a Finance Manager.

    He joined Tamco Corporate Holdings Berhad (former name of the Company) in 2005 as its Corporate Accounting Manager, and became Head of Corporate Finance at Ancom Berhad (“Ancom”) in 2010. He was promoted to Chief Financial Officer of the Company in 2011 and in 2014, he was also appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of Ancom.

    Chang Meng is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (“MIA”).

    He has no directorship in any public company or listed issuer.

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    General Manager - Pengangkutan Cogent Sdn. Bhd. (“PCSB”)
    Age 55, Male, Malaysian

    Mohd Yusof is the General Manager of PCSB, a subsidiary of the Company, since February 2015. Prior to joining PCSB, he was a Senior Manager/ Director of Hayara Sdn. Bhd. and Hayana Sdn. Bhd., a solid waste management contractor and a construction materials company respectively, both of which are based in Penang, from 2013 to 2015. Before that, he held various senior managerial positions at Soi Yong Berhad and Koperasi Usaha Bersatu (M) Berhad.

    Mohd Yusof holds a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering degree from University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA.

    He has no directorship in any public company or listed issuer.

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    General Manager - Ancom Chemquest Terminals Sdn. Bhd. (“ACT”)
    Age 56, Female, Malaysian

    Serena is currently the General Manager of ACT, a subsidiary of the Company, since October 2017.

    She has more than 25 years of experience in the bulk chemical business and logistics. Prior to her current position, she held various positions in Perusahaan Kimia Gemilang Sdn. Bhd. (“PKG”), a subsidiary of Nylex (Malaysia) Berhad, and her last position in PKG was Senior Operations Manager.

    Serena holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom.

    She has no directorship in any public company or listed issuer.